2008 Winners:

"Bottleneck" Directed by Andrew Shipsides; New York
Film with Visual Effects Amateur
Best of Show 2008

"Pervula" Directed by Armando D. Muñoz; California
Film with Practical Effects Amateur

"Si Tú No Estás" Directed by Noé Santillán-López; Mexico
Film with Sound Effects Amateur

"Wasabi" Directed by Dongson Shin; Korea
Animated Movie 2D or 3D Amateur  



"Malice in Wonderland", Paul Gustavo; Louisiana
Film with Visual Effects Professional

"Rumors Fly", Aimee Madsen; Louisiana
Film with Practical Effects Professional  



This fabulous affair of enormous proportions recognizes the use of effects and animation in film and story. FEAR is a celebration of the arts that separate video from movie. The artists that are involved with created illusions for your eyes and ears will be at FEAR to showcase there talents and give practical demonstrations in their field.

Workshops will be held daily ranging from music video workshops, CG demonstrations, prosthetics classes and demonstrations. The festival is organized by collaborate efforts of local non-profit organizations and profit companies under the lead of Lucid SFX Development (LSD), which is a Louisiana based digital post-production company at the forefront of the visual effects industry. Our affiliates include Reality Deprivation ( Film Studio ), Charitable Film Network, Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center, Bottletree Productions, and Hallucination on Film.  


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FEAR in New Orleans is hosted at Reality Deprivation Studios just behind the Elmwood Palace Theater in Harahan.

1517 Kuebel Street
Harahan, LA 70123

Map directions to this location at Google Maps.  



2008 Schedule:

Download 2008 Schedule

Submit to FEAR and join in the fun that LSD has to offer!

FEAR Guests can request rooms via contacting Ms. Rae Lynn Melancon at the Ambassador Hotel. Please make your reservations before the cut-off date, 09/02/2008, and mention our group code:

Group Code: FEAR

Rae Lynn Melancon
(504) 679-6305 Direct
(504) 679-6314 Fax

535 Tchoupitoulas St.,
New Orleans, LA 70130

Hosted by Reality Deprivation.